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City of Ocoee eService Portal

We are pleased to announce you can now apply for permits online, check your permit status, request inspections, register as a contractor, and search for permit/inspection and contractor information.

NEW! Local Business Tax:

To renew for fiscal year 2024-2025 please Click here .
If you experience any issues please email us at btr@ocoee.org or call us at 407-905-3104.

NEW! Development Review:

You can now submit and view your Development Review applications online. Login or create an account to begin the process.

NEW! Right-of-Way Utilization Permits:

You can now submit and view your right-of-way utilization permit applications online. Login or create an account to begin the process.

Building Permit:

NEW!Please be advised:

  • Electronic File Requirements: All electronic documents submitted as part of an application, plan rework, plan revision, as-built, or inspection report shall be submitted electronically, and in accordance with all applicable digital signature requirements by Florida Statutes. Records may be submitted via the online permitting system, flash drive, or CD-RW Disk in a computer-readable file conforming to the specifications of the Portable Document Format (PDF). (PDF versions 1.4 through 1.7, PDF/A-1, and PDF/A-2)
  • Construction Plans with Digital Signatures: Plans, calculations, and specifications designed and created by a licensed professional and that were never printed and physically (wet) signed and sealed, must be digitally signed, dated, and sealed in accordance with applicable Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code. All required digital signatures must be verified by the City to ensure authenticity.
  • Contractor Requirements: Prior to submitting any permit application, all licensed contractors are required to maintain an active registration status and current proof of contractor’s state license, general liability and workers’ compensation. First time uses must first create an online user account.
  • Plan Review Only: Pre-approved City projects requiring a plan review only are facilitated through the City of Ocoee Building Official.

Inspectors' Schedules

NEW! You can view your inspections on the inspectors' schedules. Click here to view the schedule now.

Inspection Request

You can request inspections associated with your issued permit online.


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